Friday, 28 May 2010

Allah's message to you

Allah's message to you

Allah (SWT) says: "If you never felt pain, how would you know I'm a Healer?
If u never made a mistake, how would you know I'm Forgiving?
If you were never hurt, how would you know I can comfort you?
If you never shed a tear, how would you know I built a support system for you?
If you never fell, how would you know I could raise you that high ?
If you were never wanting, how would you know that I will provide for you?
If your life was perfect, then why would you need Me?

I gave you life, I will take care of you.
In you you have part of me, take good care of It.
I surrounded you with many of My Creation, surround them with thoughts of Me.
I provided vast spaces for you to operate in, respect it, protect it and nurture what grows and grazes in it.

You are special, so special to Me,
Be special to yourself and you will be special to others as well.

Thanks sis Fozea for this msg!

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